GreenPilot project partners

Swedish Maritime Technology Forum
GreenPilot is an exciting hands-on technical development project with high set up goals to advance the environmental profile of workboats and smaller ships.

SMTF is proud to be Project Lead of GreenPilot and excited to contribute to the development of a methanol fuel engine system for this segment.”



”Making use of the possibilities of domestic production of fossile free methanol and using this fuel for the transport industry is a prerequisite to reach the target goal of lowering greeenhouse gases.
In this regard shipping has an important role as a platform for development and applied demonstrations - applications highly relevant for land transport as well.”


"SSPA is committed to developing sustainable solutions for shipping. The GreenPilot project objective of demonstrating bio-methanol as a low emissions, low environmental impact fuel is a great initiative for developing solutions for smaller ships and SSPA is excited to be part of the project team."

"Through our participation in the GreenPilot project we contribute to the development of  tomorrows technical solutions and to future fuels."

Swedish Maritime Administration

"Swedish Maritime Administrations vision is safe fairway in a sustainable future through maritime partnership. This vision trigged the startup of the GreenPilot project. To be able to run our engines on a renewable fuel is the first step towards our goal of having climate neutral pilot boats . With the GreenPilot  project SMA aspires to be a first mover, allowing others a prepared fairway for the implementation of a greener fuel