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„ I was delighted to take a closer look at the methanol-coNverted pilot boat in person. The GreenPilot project shows that with enough will it is always possible to find an environmental friendly and economically reasonable solution at once. The Port of Hamburg is curiously following the project and its final results after a long-term test in daily action.“

Jens Meier, CEO Hamburg Port Authority


GreenPilot @ SMM 4-7 Sept. in Hamburg Germany

EKOTRANSPORT is Swedens biggest transport event tracking the fossile free development towards 2030. GreenPilot will exhibit the engine and the project and Bengt Ramne of ScandiNAOS will be debating the topic of retrofit as a means to and end sustainability wise. Join us for an interesting day!

GreenPilot Exhibiting @ MAN's and Methanol Institute's Workshop 20th of March 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark

Methanol Dual-Fuel Technology

Delegation visit from Port of Hamburg, Germany

Through a contact at the port authority of Gothenburg, Mr Jens Meier CEO of Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) had heard about the successfull conversion of GreenPilot. Himself and Christopher Braun, Commercial Managing Director Flotte Hamburg (Ship Fleet Management Company; Sister Company of HPA), Karsten Schönewald, Technical Managing Director Flotte Hamburg  and Alan Dopierala, Assistant Manager came to visit on the 24th of February to learn more about the project.  As one of HPA's sister companies operates and manages ships for the city of Hamburg, including their own ships at the HPA, the police, fire department and general rentals - successful implementations of alternative environmental friendly techniques is at the top of their priority list in order to improve air quality in the Hamburg Port area.

GreenPilot exhibiting at Klimatforum, 30th of November in Stockholm

Klimatforum is arranged by Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) and Aktuell Hållbarhet

Klimatforum brings together decicionmakers from the industry, public bodies and the politics to discuss and inspire on the topic of sustainability. 

Meeting with Indias minister of transport, Mr Nitin Gadkari, New Delhi India,12th October 2017

Methanol for inland waterway vessels in India

The work that has been done in Sweden to introduce methanol as marine fuel for large ships and smaller vessels has been recognized in India and Stena, Wartsila and ScandiNAOS were invited to participate in the development of an Indian methanol operated fleet. In October of 2017 the Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Shipping and Water Resources, Nitin Gadkari summoned about 15 potential partners for a brainstorming session about how to make this happen. From this meeting ScandiNAOS was chosen to become advisor for the further development.

Exhibition, Maritma klustrets årskonferense 2017, 7 november, Lindholmen Conference Centre, Gothenburg

En gång om året samlar vi den maritima sektorn i Västsverige för en dag med inspirationsseminarium, presentationer av innovativa projekt, forskningsresultat och mingel. I år ställer GreenPilot ut i den tillhörande mässan. kom och prata förbränning, effekt och miljönytta med oss!

A seminar about the role of shipping as a guide to a more sustainable transport. Particular focus on current metanol projects and the outcome of the engine conversion in the GreenPilot project. The agenda of the seminar can be seen here.

Swedish Pavilion, Hall T

Visit us in the Swedish Pavilion, take a look at our methanol engine and learn more about GreenPilot.

Seminar, Sv. CIMAC Årsmöte, 2017, 28 March, Volvo Penta, Gothenburg

Aktuell provning med metanol i fartyg

Presentation by Bengt Ramne and Thomas Stenhede, ScandiNAOS

Workshop, Methanol Safe Bunkering & Onboard Handling 2017, 23 February, Gothenburg

Bengt Ramne, ScandiNaos

Session 18 Vad händer på bränslefronten? Senaste nytt om bränslen

"Methanol as a marine fuel for coastal and inland vessels"
Joanne Ellis, SSPA

(Click on the title to see the presentation)

Karina Linnér, Swedish Maritime Technology Forum

Ove Eriksson, Swedish Maritime Administration

Bengt Ramne, ScandiNAOS

A two-day seminar was held 15-16 of June to kick-off the GreenPilot project that commenced in March 2016.

Seminar, "Hur kan hållbarhetskrav driva affärs- och teknikutveckling?" 26 April 2016

Arranged by Swedish Maritime Technology Forum and Lighthouse

"Klimatneutral båttransport"

Andreas Bach, Swedish Maritime Administration

Exhibition, Maritima klustrets årskonferens, 2017, 7 november, Lindholmen Conference Centre, Gothenburg

En gång om året samlas den maritima sektorn i Västsverige för en dag med inspirationsseminarium, presentationer av innovativa projekt, forskningsresultat och mingel. I år är GreenPilot en utav utställarna. Kom och prata förbränning, effekt och miljönytta med oss!

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